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Multiplexed FROG

TYPESolid State Institute Seminar
Speaker:Gil Ilan Haham
Affiliation:Department of Physics and the Solid State Institute, Technion
Time:12:30 - 13:30
Location:Lidow 620
Remark:M.Sc. Student of Associate Professor Oren Cohen


Frequency Resolved Optical Gating (FROG) is a popular method for complete characterization of optical laser pulses. In FROG, a reconstruction algorithm retrieves the pulse from its measured auto-spectrogram (FROG trace). We proposed and demonstrate, numerically and experimentally, multiplexed FROG, which characterizes several pulses from a single multiplexed FROG trace (a multiplexed FROG trace corresponds to a sum of FROG traces, where each FROG trace corresponds to one of the pulses in the burst). Multiplexed FROG can characterize isolated burst of pulses that are currently not measurable.