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High energy processes in common envelope jets supernovae

TYPEAstrophysics Seminar
Speaker:Aldana Grichener
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Common envelope jets supernovae (CEJSNe) serve as astrophysical sites of high energy processes.

We present two scenarios that might account for enigmatic processes studied over the past years.

1.We study r-process feasibility inside jets launched by a cold neutron star  spiralling-in inside the core

of a red supergiant (RSG), and find that such CEJSN events might be a significant source of heavy r-process elements in the early Universe.

2.We study high energy neutrino emission from relativistic jets launched by a black hole spiralling-in inside the envelope of a RSG, and find that CEJSNe with a BH companion are a potential source for the 10^15eV neutrinos detected by IceCube.