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Modelling the Circumgalactic Medium

TYPEAstrophysics Seminar
Speaker:Yakov Faerman
Affiliation:Hebrew University
Location:Lidow 620
Extended structures of hot gas around galaxies are robust predictions of galaxy formation theory and numerical simulations. UV and X-ray absorption measurements show the existence of multiphase gas in the Milky Way, and around galaxies in the local and high-redshift Universe. Due to the challenging nature of the observations, many questions remain open. What is the total mass of the circumgalactic medium? Where exactly does the gas reside and what are its properties? These questions are important to our understanding of galaxy evolution and are linked to the properties of gas accretion onto galaxies, star formation, and feedback processes. I will present models for the warm/hot CGM which successfully reproduce a wide range of MW and low-z observations. In these models, the corona is a large-scale structure, extending to the virial radius, and has a significant baryonic mass, ~6e10 M_sun. I will describe ongoing work to include the cool, T=1e4 K, gas in my models. Finally, I will show predictions for measurements with future space observatories, such as ATHENA and LUVOIR, which will allow to test my models and improve our understanding of the circumgalactic medium.