Angle dependent currents and density modulations in active matter confined by a 2D wedge.

TYPEStatistical & Bio Seminar
Speaker:Ori Yehezkel
Organizer:Yariv Kafri
Time:11:30 - 12:30
Location:Lidow Nathan Rosen (300)
Active matter systems are a  collection of particles that self-propel. These particles dissipate energy from the environment at the microscopic scale and use it to create directed motion. The framework of active  matter can desribe complex systems, both biological and artificial. While passive systems in equilibrium show no response to boundaries and passive objects immersed in them, active matter systems are out of equilibrium and as such, show novel behavior when interacting with boundaries and passive objects. The seminar will discuss the long-range density variations and currents that emerge in  active matter confined by a 2D wedge. These currents and density variation behave as a power-law that depends on the wedge's angle. A response to a localized  asymmetric potential in the system is also examined, showing different behavior.