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Michael S. Marinov

Marinov, Michael S.   Memoriam



Professor Michael Marinov was born in Moscow on July 4, 1939. He did his university studies in the Physics Department of Moscow State University and graduated in 1962 .
He got his Ph.D. in Theoretical Physics from the Institute of Theoretical and Experimental Physics (ITEP) in Moscow in 1968.

Many graduate students in the Soviet Union took what was then called the Landau minimum exam, but Misha is on the famous Landau list, written in Landau's handwriting, of students who took this exam from Landau in person.
While still doing his Ph.D. Misha got a position of a Junior Research Member in ITEP and then from 1969 till 1979 he was Senior Member of this prestigious institute.

For 8 years (1979-87) Misha is an unemployed refusnik who made a living as a construction laborer, and also reviewing and translating physics and mathematics literature.

In 1987 the Marinovs emigrate to Israel and Misha gets a one year position in the Racah Institute of Physics, Hebrew University, Jerusalem and then from 1988 until his death on the 17th of January 2000 he was Professor of Physics in the Technion in Haifa.

Misha achieved global recognition for his work in mathematical physics and quantum field theory. His passion was the path integral approach. His famous work with Berezin in 1977 resulted in a novel description of spin by Grassmann variables. With Terentev he applied path integrals to quantum dynamics on group manifolds. It is also worth to mention Misha's well cited authoritative review on the path integral which was published in the Physics Reports (see Ref. 49 in the list of publications). Quantization on manifold with nontrivial geometry and quantum tunneling became the focus of his studies for many years, both at ITEP and at the Technion.

Misha was an excellent and conscientious teacher and thesis advisor for 6 Ph.D. students and was adored by them. While a refusnik himself he gave a 4-term course for (refusnik) students in Moscow (1980-82)
on Modern Theoretical Physics for Mathematicians.

Later in Haifa, Misha was the contact person for scientists and students from the former Soviet Union in paving their way to settle in Israel and to start their academic activities. Misha was highly erudite and liked to get into discussions on various subjects showing often his broad and detailed encyclopedic knowledge, and was much respected by his colleagues and friends.
Above all Misha was a proud Jew with a strong affinity for the Zionist cause and the State of Israel.

Misha is survived by his wife Lilia and two daughters Maria and Dina.

"Physics Today" Obituary Physics Today 53, 9, 84 (2000);

Volume in Honor of Michael Marinov:

Michael Marinov memorial volume: Multiple facets of quantization and supersymmetry, edited by Mikhail Olshanetzky and Arkady Vainshtein (World Scientific, 2002).
Besides the scientific papers, it includes biographical and personal notes by family and friends.

List of Publication:

PhD Thesis

"Phenomenology of Interactions of Spinning Particles",ITEP,Moscow, 1966.

Papers in professional journals

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