חברת Nanomotion מפתחת ומייצרת פתרונות מתקדמים להנעה מדוייקת לתעשיות המוליכים למחצה, אופטיקה, מטרולוגיה ועוד. הפיתוח משלב טכנולוגיות מתחומי הפיסיקה, מכאניקה/מכאטרוניקה, חומרים, בקרה ואלקטרוניקה.

מחלקת פיתוח טכנולוגיות חדשות מחפשת סטודנט למשרה חלקית אשר ישתתף בפיתוח מנועים חדשים.

התפקיד כולל עבודה עם מנועים מדוייקים, בקרי תנועה ,חומרים פייזואלקטריים, חומרים קרמיים, מערכות וואקום וכן סימולציות מחשב - הכנת מערכי ניסוי, ביצוע ניסויים וניתוח תוצאות.

דרישות התפקיד:

סטודנט/ית באוניברסיטה/מכללה מוכרת

מן הפקולטות: פיסיקה / הנדסת חומרים / הנדסת חשמל / הנדסת מכונות עם דגש על מחקר יישומי

לפחות שנה לאחר תחילת הלימודים

לפחות שנה וחצי לפני סיום התואר

יכולת לימוד עצמי ועבודה עצמאית

אנגלית ברמה גבוה

מוכנות לעבודה במשך יומיים בשבוע (לא כולל תקופות מבחנים)

היכרות עם תוכנות office - חובה

ידע בתוכנות Matlab, Python, Labview  , SolidWorks - יתרון

עבודה מול מנהל הטכנולוגיות של החברה

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KLA Logo

Job Description:

The algorithm team of the advance development group of the corporate platform group (CPG) is expanding. We are looking for a highly motivated engineering/physics student to join our team and work on cutting edge technology systems. In this job you will be interacting with system/algo/SW/HW/ME R&D engineers on a day to day basis. Your job will include building optical system prototypes, perform experiments in the lab, collect data and analyze it, design simulations, engage image and signal processing algorithms. Your work will have a great impact on the next generation technology of semi-conductor industry. You will have a challenging role in a dynamic environment which encourages creativity and innovation.

About the group:

The algorithms team is responsible for researching and developing algorithms for cutting-edge technologies tools in the semiconductor industry. Our developers continuously engage signal and image processing, machine learning, deep learning, and theoretical modeling. The team is part of the advanced development group which focuses on innovation. In our group, new ideas are encouraged and steered for further evaluation. Group members use theory, simulation, experimental data analysis, modeling, and phenomenology on a constant basis. The group is a dynamic work environment with advanced peer interaction, and strongly interact with other R&D teams in the organization. The purpose of the group is achieving breakthroughs in the most advanced technologies of the next generation metrology and automation products.

Minimum Qualifications:

  • Studying towards an MSc in electrical engineering/electro optical engineering/ optical engineering/ mechanical engineering with major in optics/ Physics or an equivalent qualification.
  • Entry level background in Signal & Image processing
  • Entry level background in machine learning & deep learning.
  • Entry level background in algorithm development and implementation using Matlab / Python
  • Entry level experience with optical systems.
  • Experience in developing application using LabView – an advantage.
  • Experience in the semi-conductor industry – an advantage.

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אם חשוב לך ההבדל בין משרה שמתאימה לך,

למשרה שמתאימה לך בדיוק


לפרטים נוספים והגשת קורות חיים למשרות הפיזיקאים שלנו:

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מתכנן/ת אופטי/ת>>


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*המשרות ממוקמות באזור הצפון*

unispectral logo

Unispectral is a pioneer in developing mass-market spectral cameras.
We are looking for a talented Junior system engineer to join our team.
• Participating in development of miniature spectral cameras, including hands on development, experiments, and qualifications
• Working with partners, customers, and contractors on projects
• EE/Physics graduate
• 1 – 3 years’ experience
• Experienced with Matlab and Python – a must
• Experience in imaging and/or electro-optical systems – a must
• Team player
• Fluent in English
• Available for a Full time Position in the Tel-Aviv area
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We are looking for a talented engineer, to join our optics team at R&D department.
In this role you will:
• Take part as key team player in development and definition of optical system requirements for next generation products
• Develop optical system concepts addressing marketing and system requirements
• Define and develop components and modules with leading industry suppliers
• Define and develop next generation illumination sources
• Define of test plans, its success criteria and its execution
• Components and modules characterization in LAB
• Optical system prototyping and proof of design in LAB and on Product
• Develop tools and jigs for production
• Develop metrics corelating optical performance with system level performance
• Develop optical diagnostics and image processing algorithms and automation routines for alignment and qualification of systems and modules

All you need is:
PhD in relevant fields - Physics/ Electrical Engineering/ Mechanical Engineering, etc. with specialization in optics,
or Master's Level Degree with work experience of 2 years or Bachelor's Level Degree with work experience of 3 years.

Please send your CVs to Raya Shaulov: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.