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The Physics department at the Technion provides services for the physics students and researchers, students of other departments- while studying physics, researchers of other departments - with few unique services (library, Liquid Helium and Nitrogen, X-ray spectroscopy, Mechanical workshop).

This tab includes a short description of the services, how to get it, cost (if any).

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Cryogenic Plant

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very low temperature liquids.

The department that supplies very cold liquids (cryogenic) to all of the Technion campus, is the cryogenic plant at the Physics department.

Two materials are supplied by the facility

  • Liquid Helium (He) – at a purity level of 99.99%
  • Liquid Nitrogen (N2) - at a purity level of 99.99%

The  Team

Professor Emil Polturak – Academic manager
Fidel Samoilov – Cryogenic Liquids expert


We purchase helium gas from one of the two suppliers in the local market, and store it in tanks. The helium facility has 1500 c.m. in stock from which 2000 litres of liquid helium can be produced. The stock is kept in different states: part as compressed gas in gas storage tanks; part as liquid helium in a tank that is the collector of the helium liquefier, whose capacity is 1000 litres; part in smaller storage tanks (60 to 200 litre) which are kept in the facility or distributed in the laboratories of the customers; and part is in use in various experiments in the laboratories. All the customers close to the helium facility (Physics, Solid State, and Microelectronics) have a pipeline for the helium gas that returns after use of a liquid that steams in the work process. The cost of helium gas needed to produce one liter of liquid helium is more than $10, and therefore we try to recycle the gas. The returned gas is compressed back into the gas storage tanks. The sophisticated helium liquefier works automatically and only the initial starting process needs human intervention. The liquefier produces about 15 liters an hour.

the customer is charged for the cost of the gas in addition to the cost of the liquefaction – price is caluleted as"cost plus" method, and is credited with the cost value for returned gas. The bills are sent out once a month.


Nitrogen is purchased in liquid state and is stored in 6,000 liter tank. The facility deals with supplying only liquid nitrogen. The tanks with which the customers come to take the nitrogen differ widely in size and initial temperature. Therefore there is also a big difference in the reduction in the amount due to the evaporation that occurs during the filling process.

The solution to the big difference in the reduction is different prices for tanks of different sizes. The price for a Faculty researcher is subsidized.


The customer should give advance notice – at least two days – of his intent to take delivery of cold liquids. Telephone 04-289-3998. On the day on which it is agreed that he will receive the material, the customer should send a representative with a cooling tank of suitable size and quality to collect the liquid. He should not enter the facility but wait to receive the material outside or in the office. The cryogenic facility will check the tank before filling it. A rejected tank will be returned to the customer and it will not be filled until a permit is received. Transportation of the tank to the cryogenic facility is the customer's responsibility alone! Note. Make sure that the person transporting the tank is trained and knows the dangers and how to take care of tanks of very cold temperature liquids.

Price List:

Liquid Nitrogen - Prices shown for containers of up to 20 liters. For larger containers the price goes down by quantity.

Department customers - NIS 6.
Other Technion customers - NIS 7.70
Out of Technion customers - NIS 30.

Liquid Helium - The option of returning gas helium depends on a pipeline from the customers lab to the helium plant.

Department customers -  Liquid: NIS 65. returned gas: refund NIS 47.
Other Technion customers - Liquid: NIS 80.
Out of Technion customers - Liquid: NIS 100.

Contact us:
Tel: 04-829-3998.
email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




Electronics Workshop

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About us

The electrical workshop is located on the 3rd floor of the north wing of the Lidow Complex, in room number 324. The workshop includes a warehouse containing a stock of useful electronic parts.

The workshop is run and maintained by Eli Hadash, one of the Faculty's longest serving electricians, assisted by a team of skilled Electricians.
Eli's phone number in the workshop is 04-829-3556;
his number in Instruction Lab 2 where he also works is 04-829-3673.
He can also be contacted by email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..">This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..">This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Electronics Workshop Services

We try to repair old one-of-its-kind equipment for which substitutes cannot be found for sale, and expensive equipment, the cost of repairing which is very little compared to that of buying a new one. In this case, the cost of the work is calculated at 200NIS per hour (the number of work hours is evaluated by the electrician) plus the cost of the materials. The total cost must be no more than 30% of the cost of buying new equipment. 

Price List:
A department's customer is charged only NIS 60 per work hour plus the cost of materials.
Other Technion departments will be charged NIS 120 per work hour plus the cost of materials.
And a customer out of the Technion will pay NIS 200 plus 19% overhead and VAT.

New equipment is built for special projects for which the equipment or its components cannot be found for sale. When required, a PCB (Printed Circuit Board) is constructed according to a special plan. You should come to the warehouse with a prepared plan of the architecture of the circuit. The warehouse gives the order to an outside supplier, who makes the board, and follows up the order, gives guidelines to the manufacturer, and so on.


Administration Services

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The Faculty of Physics at the Technion, provides administrative services, logistics and finance - for all faculty activities. That is, services are provided to both issues Teaching and research issues.
We provides the following services and more:
Handling procurement requirements, supply orders, orders warehouses, advice in managing budgets, bridge loans for researchers, aid proofreading of scientific articles, editing and enhancement - in Hebrew and English, spreading messages for various distribution lists, construction and maintenance of web sites (personal and groups), handling academic and professional guests, production and editing of ceremonies on teaching, research, and administration, production and editing conferences and workshops, help in the absorption of new researchers, including planning, procurement and construction of a laboratory.
All these activities are carried out by our skilled and professional team includes:

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