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The Department of Physics at Technion seeks to educate the next generation of scientists and to equip them with skills to explore and to better understand the physical world. Our department is at the forefront of contemporary research in a wide range of fields in physics.
In addition, the Physics Department operates a number of centers for interdisciplinary research, that facilitate interactions with other departments at the Technion, and create an Institute-wide atmosphere of cooperation.

Professor Assa Auerbach,
Dean of Physics Department

Upcoming Events

Date:29-May-2016 Sunday,14:30:00
Type: Theor./Math. Physics Seminar
Speaker: Prof. Joel Lebowitz
Title: On the definition of (and approach to) thermal equilibrium of an isolated macroscopic system:quantum and classical

Date:29-May-2016 Sunday,13:30:00
Type: High Energy Physics Seminar
Speaker: Liron Barak
Title: The diphoton excess at the LHC

Date:30-May-2016 Monday,12:30:00
Type: Scientific Discoveries
Speaker: Prof. Uri Sivan
Title: Nanotechnology as a new territory

Date:30-May-2016 Monday,11:30:00
Type: High Energy Physics Seminar
Speaker: Gabi Zafrir
Title: Brane webs, 5d gauge theories and 6d N=(1,0) SCFT's

Date:31-May-2016 Tuesday,14:30:00
Type: Solid State Seminar
Speaker: Tal Goren
Title: Ramsey interference in quantum mesoscopic systems

Date:02-Jun-2016 Thursday,14:30:00
Type: Astrophysics Seminar
Speaker: David Valls-Gabaud
Title: The MESSIER satellite: lifting the veil on the ultra low surface brightness universe

Date:05-Jun-2016 Sunday,14:30:00
Type: Conference
Title: Cosmic Clues from the Near Field Universe

Date:05-Jun-2016 Sunday,14:30:00
Type: Theor./Math. Physics Seminar
Speaker: Dr. Oren Raz
Title: Geometric Heat Engines Without Power-Efficiency Tradeoff

Date:06-Jun-2016 Monday,14:30:00
Type: Colloquium
Speaker: Prof. Brent Tully
Title: Laniakea, Our Home Supercluster of Galaxies

Date:06-Jun-2016 Monday,11:30:00
Type: High Energy Physics Seminar
Speaker: Michael Geller
Title: TBA