Disordered boundaries destroy bulk phase separation in scalar active matter

TYPEStatistical & Bio Seminar
Speaker:Ydan Ben Dor
Time:14:30 - 15:30
Location:Lidow Nathan Rosen (300)
Remark:PhD seminar

Active matter is a class of non-equilibrium systems in which particles consume and dissipate energy in order to propel themselves or exert forces on their surroundings. Due to the novel phases they exhibit, many of which occur without counterparts in equilibrium systems, they have attracted considerable attention in recent years. In this talk, I will discuss the impact of quenched random potentials located at the boundaries of scalar active systems. It will be shown that disorder localized along a wall confining a dilute system leads to long-range density modulations and eddies whose extent increases with distance from the wall. Furthermore, it will be shown that even though the disorder is located at the boundary, it can destroy bulk phase separation in active systems.