Shmuel Fishman

Fishman, Shmuel   Emeriti
Topic:   Condensed Matter & Materials Physics
Office:LITP Room:414 Phone:04-829-3991 
Research Interests & Publications:  

Chaos (Classical and Quantum), Models of Quantum Matter, Statistical Physics

Research interests:

Simple models for cold atoms for example collapses and revivals for Bose-Hubbard models and generalizations of the Lieb-Liniger model are explored. These are sufficiently simple for analytical treatment but capture most the physics. Validity and generalizations of the Gross-Pitaevskii equation that is the main approximation in exploration of cold atoms are studied. . Phase transitions in ion chains and surfaces are studied, motivated by recent experiments.
Statistical description of mixed systems (Where in some parts of phase space the dynamics are regular and in other parts these are chaotic) is developed in order to extract the most robust, hopefully experimentally relevant, properties of such systems

Nonlinear Physics (Quantum and Classical): For a long time physics focused on phenomena which can be described by linear models. There are however phenomena which are essentially nonlinear. Although such phenomena were discovered more than a hundred years ago, only in the second half of the previous century investigation such phenomena became a central field of physics. The most remarkable nonlinear phenomenon is “Chaos”, namely deterministic motion of a system which is modelled by few simple (nonlinear) equations, looks random. I studied extensively the fingerprints of classical chaos in the behavior of the corresponding quantum systems. For some of these systems Anderson localization is found in analogy with disordered lattices, in spite of the fact that deterministic systems are considered.Currently I study models for waves in disordered nonlinear media, where competition between interference (enhancing localization) and chaos (enhancing spreading) takes place. These phenomena are relevant for classical optics as well as for atom optics (where quantum mechanics is relevant for the motion of the center of mass of the atoms). Phase Transitions in systems consisting of cold atoms and ions are explored as well.

Selected Publications:

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