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Job description:

Experimental work at MEMS acoustic lab

  • Characterization of electric and acoustic properties of transducers and MEMS devices
  • Analysis of test results and model building for explanation of lab test results
  • Define and implement required electric circuitry for experiments and tests
  • Design 3D parts for experiments and implement by usage of 3D printer


  • Student of Physics or Electrical Engineering with strong background in Physics (e.g. Semiconductors / MEMS / Analog design / …)
  • Completed at least six semesters
  • Completed advanced lab courses or has experience in working at lab and performing experiments/research, including the ability to operate and modify an experiment system
  • Hands-on skills for building supports systems for experiments
  • 2-3 days a week, flexible


  • Knowledge/Experience in acoustics/fluid mechanics
  • Knowledge/Experience with MEMS devices
  • Knowledge of digital signal processing
  • Student of dual track Physics + Electrical Engineering


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