Application Development Student in Optical Metrology Division 27.8.2019

In this job you will:

• You will participate in developing advanced applications and algorithms for state-of-the-art Optical Metrology systems. Your overall responsibility will start at project inception and end at the adoption in production by the customer

• You will be focused on developing simulations for optical metrology measurements

• You will also provide technical support in the development and implementation of customer applications dealing with Optical Metrology products and features, develop, recipes to model complex optical applications; and support Pre and Post Sale activities


• Graduate student in Physics/Electrical Engineering/Materials Science /Physical Chemistry/ related fields

• Strong analytical and data analysis capabilities • Good programming skills (Matlab is mandatory)

• Knowledge of at least one of the following is required: Optical systems, Semiconductor processing and Fabrication, Algorithm development and implementation in Matlab

• Self-driven, yet a strong team player

• Available for 20 hours weekly

Work Location: Migdal HaEmek, Israel

Transportation Services are available ***Also from Tel Aviv Area***

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Job summary: Novocure is a medical device company with R&D based in Haifa. The company is growing quickly as it commercializes TTFields therapy: a novel treatment for aggressive cancers using alternating electric fields. Novocure is looking to add a lead physicist who lead biophysics-based research aimed at understanding the underlying biophysics of this unique treatment modality.


  1. Lead experimental and theoretical research into the biophysics of TTFields at the cellular and molecular levels.
  2. Support team efforts to simulate TTFields distributions within the human body using computational and physical models.
  3. Provide training on the biophysics of TTFields to audiences both internal and external to the company.
  4. Participate in team efforts to develop the next-generations of devices for TTFields therapy.

Qualifications: PhD in Biophysics, Biomedical Engineering or a related field. Post-doctoral experience (in either academia or industry) is an advantage.


  1. A proven ability to perform independent research
  2. A proven ability to lead small research groups.
  3. Excellent understanding of cellular biophysics.
  4. Experience working with cell culture or tissue samples is a must.
  5. Strong analytical skills.
  6. High proficiency in Matlab/Python and/or other scientific programming packages
  7. Team player capable of leading multi-disciplinary research projects involving physicists, engineers, biologists and physicians.
  8. Excellent communication skills in both English and Hebrew.
  9. Experience with various forms of microscopy-an advantage.
  10. Familiarity with interactions of electric fields with the human body- an advantage

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Job description:

Experimental work at MEMS acoustic lab

  • Characterization of electric and acoustic properties of transducers and MEMS devices
  • Analysis of test results and model building for explanation of lab test results
  • Define and implement required electric circuitry for experiments and tests
  • Design 3D parts for experiments and implement by usage of 3D printer


  • Student of Physics or Electrical Engineering with strong background in Physics (e.g. Semiconductors / MEMS / Analog design / …)
  • Completed at least six semesters
  • Completed advanced lab courses or has experience in working at lab and performing experiments/research, including the ability to operate and modify an experiment system
  • Hands-on skills for building supports systems for experiments
  • 2-3 days a week, flexible


  • Knowledge/Experience in acoustics/fluid mechanics
  • Knowledge/Experience with MEMS devices
  • Knowledge of digital signal processing
  • Student of dual track Physics + Electrical Engineering


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עבור חברת סטארט-אפ צעירה ומיוחדת הפועלת בתחום המכשור הרפואי/ אולטרה-סאונד, במסגרת חממה טכנולוגית באזור הצפון.

דרוש בוגר אוניברסיטה/ טכניון/ מכללה להקמת מערכת מעבדה נשלטת מחשב לדגימה ואיסוף נתונים, תכנון וביצוע ניסויים, וכן פיתוח אלגוריתמים חדשים בתחום ההדמייה / אולטרה-סאונד.

עדיפות למועמדים עם ניסיון מעשי בהפעלת ציוד בדיקה, ידע וניסיון בתכנות ואוטומציה של מכשירי מדידה, וכן ידע וניסיון בעיבוד אותות (DSP) ואלגוריתמים.

יתרון לבעלי ידע בתוכנות: Matlab, Python, LabView

על המועמד להיות עצמאי, סקרן וחרוץ.

ניתן לשלוח קורות חיים ל: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.