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Condensed Matter & Quantum Optics

My research focuses on the optical and electronic properties of atomically thin two-dimensional (2D) materials. We design structures made of a few layers of these materials and use optics to explore many-body phases of electrons, such as Wigner crystals, Mott insulators, superconductivity, and more. The light-matter interactions and the interplay between electrons and optical excitation are investigated by applying external fields. These studies may lead to new possibilities and technological impact for quantum optics applications using 2D materials. 

An additional line of research is the investigation of trapped spins and single photon emitters in 2D materials. We investigate the spin dynamics and perform coherent manipulations on it. In addition, we focus on producing multi-qubit photonic entangled states. These entangled states can potentially be a resource for quantum repeaters and measurement-based quantum computation.