We would like to congratulate Prof. David Gershoni for receiving Landau prize for science.

Professor David Gershoni has developed experimental technique that demonstrated generation of entangled states of photons from semiconductors. His team was the first worldwide to demonstrate that semiconductor quantum dots emit entangled photons. Devices based on these quantum dots can emit single and entangled photons on demand. As such these semiconductor quantum structures may in the future expand the horizons of classical information processing technologies (communication and computing) towards quantum information processing. (providing in principle, absolutely secured communication, orders of magnitude faster computing, and even teleportation).

The team of Professor Gershoni made a series of profound subsequent discoveries that serve as enabling technologies for the field of quantum information processing.

In addition, Professor Gershoni had numerous milestone contributions in the field of quantum-confined semiconductor structures, ranging from establishing novel techniques for fabricating semiconductor quantum wires to advanced spectroscopy of single quantum wires and quantum dots.