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Following a 2018 paper by Yotam Soreq and collaborators titled “Probing New Long-Range Interactions by Isotope Shift Spectroscopy”, published in Physical Review Letters , two groups at Aarhus University in Denmark and at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) have independently performed the most precise measurements of this type to investigate the possible existence of physics beyond the standard model in the form of “dark forces”.


Yotam has been interviewed in Scientific American on his work in light of the two new experiments, which Interestingly reached mixed results. Further work on the matter is needed, and as Yotam noted in the interview, “It takes time. It’s not trivial work at all, but [this technique] can be improved much, much further.”



- Read the full Scientific American article here.


- For the 2018 research papers by Soreq and collaborators, see PRL, PRD: