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"Highly Efficient Few-Layer Metasurfaces for Terahertz Wave Manipulation and Refractory Nanophotonics"

TYPESolid State Institute Seminar
Speaker:Prof. Dr. Chun-Chieh Chang
Affiliation:Los Alamos National Laboratory/ National Taiwan Normal University
Time:12:30 - 13:30
LocationZoom LINK
Remark:Host: Assistant Professor Yoav Sagi

Metasurfaces have shown their unprecedented capability to manipulate the amplitude, phase, and polarization state
of the electromagnetic wave, demonstrating various exotic optical phenomena and novel functionalities for a wide
variety of applications such as wave-front engineering, enhanced light-matter interaction at nanoscale, and chemica
l and biological sensing, to name a few. In this talk, the focus will be first placed upon my recent work on few-laye
r metasurfaces for manipulating the terahertz (THz) wave to realize linear-to-circular polarization conversion, optic
al antireflection, narrowband filtering, and beam focusing, with unprecedentedly high efficiencies promising for pr
actical applications where compact, high-performance THz photonic components and devices are desired. Then, I
will switch gears to talk about my work on high-temperature nanophotonics, in which refractory metasurfaces for s
olar thermophotovoltaics (STPV) with desirable tailored absorptance and emittance are experimentally demonstrat
ed, featuring thermal stability up to at least 1200 °C and a projected STPV efficiency of 18% when a fully integrate
d absorber/emitter refractory metasurface intermediate structure is employed.