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Photons, neutrinos and gravitational waves: a multi-messenger search of high energy astrophysical sources

Organizer:Guetta Dafne, Behar Ehud, Fiore Fabrizio
Dates:13.10 - 14.10.2013
Abstract:This conference aims to bring together leading scientists from Israel and Italy to discuss the frontiers of high-energy astrophysics at the interface between three wide-reaching disciplines: instrumentation in Astrophysics, future experiments, and the astrophysical probes of theories of fundamental physics and the nature of the high-redshift Universe. These topics could each command a dedicated conference, and therefore we will catalyze discussions through astrophysical transient phenomena to address outstanding questions at the forefront of research in these three areas. The conference will be underpinned by a strong theoretical framework throughout, and will highlight new technological innovations being developed to design and build future astrophysical missions that will address some of the most challenging questions in modern astrophysics.

Transient high energy sources have become an intriguing topic of research owing to the success of the Swift and Fermi missions on the one hand, and the recent upgrade of gravitational wave (GW) and neutrino detectors (Advanced-Ligo, Advanced-Virgo, IceCube, KM3) on the other. The conference will bring together the world leading experts from Italy and from Israel on both the theoretical and instrumental aspects of these exciting experiments, as well as the future experiments being designed right now, such as EUCLID, LOFT and ULTRASAT. The aim of this conference is to promote collaboration between the two countries in this field.