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New approaches to R-parity violation

TYPEJoint Particle Physics Seminar
Speaker:Csaba Csaki
Organizer:Yael Shadmi
Location:Lidow 620
I present two possible new approaches for R-parity violation, both of which
could explain why R-parity violating terms are small, and result in
potentially new supersymmetric phenomenology at the LHC. The first
direction is to exploit the fact that the R-parity violating terms also
break the flavor symmetries of the SM, thus it is natural to assume that
the R-parity violating terms are proportional to the ordinary Yukawa
couplings. This results in a predictive framework that is not yet strongly
constrained by current LHC data. The second direction is to assume that
R-parity is violated in a hidden sector and mediated to the SM fields
similarly to SUSY breaking. This results in a framework where even the
leading R-parity violating operators are novel, and can lead to decays
previously not present even in R-parity violating versions of the MSSM.