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Strong tW scattering at the LHC

TYPEHigh Energy Physics Seminar
Speaker:Jeff Assaf Dror
Location:Lidow 705
Deviations of the top electroweak couplings from their Standard
Model values imply that certain scattering amplitudes of third generation
fermions and longitudinally polarized vector bosons and/or Higgses grow
with energy. In this talk I will demonstrate how to use the high energies
accessible at the LHC to enhance the sensitivity to non-standard top-Z
couplings, which are currently very weakly constrained. I demonstrate the
effectiveness of the approach by performing a detailed analysis of tW -> tW
scattering, which can be probed at the LHC via pp -> ttWj. I will also
present other scattering processes in the same class that could provide
further tests of the top sector.