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Astronomical UV and X-ray minisatellites

TYPEAstrophysics Seminar
Speaker:Rene Hudec
Affiliation:Astronomical Institute of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic
Time:10:30 - 11:30
Abstract:The recent progress in small satellite technology allows to consider scientific missions based even on very small satellites (cube and nanosats). The scientific instrumentation can be miniaturized to be used as payloads in these satellites, including UV and X-ray telescopes. I will shortly introduce the related efforts in the Czech Republic, the Czech nanosatellite VZLUSAT-1 with miniature Lobster Eye X-ray telescope onboard to be launched in 2016, as well as our future plans (with emphasis on UV and X BRITE)  in this direction. I will also very briefly introduce projects and expertize available in my research group which might be of interest for the Technion community, as well as the astronomical history of Prague, city of famous past astronomers and physicists such as Kepler, Tycho de Brahe, Doppler, Einstein, and others.