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How stars form in the turbulent-multiphase interstellar medium?

TYPEAstrophysics Seminar
Speaker:Shmuel Bialy
Affiliation:Harvard CfA
Time:16:00 - 17:00

I will start with a broad review of the field of star formation and galaxy evolution, and some pressing open questions.

I will then dive into the star-forming interstellar medium (ISM), asking the question, what regulates the star formation process?

I will discuss the multiphase structure of the ISM, key heating-cooling processes and chemical processes in the ISM, and turbulence, all of which may play an important role in regulating star formation.

I will focus on a particularly appealing theory for star formation where gas heating by far-UV radiation from young stars (and by cosmic-rays in some galaxies), may provide a natural feedback loop, and thus organically self-regulate star-formation in galactic disks, and present recent results (Bialy 2020, ApJ accepted) for the link between star-formation rate and far-UV radiation intensity.

I will conclude with future prospects: 

Charting new ways for constraining poorly known interstellar properties: turbulence, 3D ISM structure, low energy cosmic-ray spectra, 

and our plan to construct an improved star-formation model for next-generation large scale cosmological simulations (i.e., IllustrisTNG successors).