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CANCELED - Synergistic progress in plasmas: from fusion to astrophysics - CANCELED

Speaker:Prof. Julien Fuchs
Affiliation:Ecole Polytechnique
Time:14:30 - 15:30
Location:Lidow Rosen Auditorium (323)

Over the last decade, several exciting directions have been initiated by laser-driven plasmas, e.g. compact particle accelerators, inertial fusion and laboratory astrophysics. The first has known rapid  progress, in terms of current, energy, stability; fusion has gone through a historic step, with the news of ignition being achieved at NIF in 2022; and laboratory astrophysics has known also spectacular developments, demonstrating the possibility to perform fully scalable experiments relavent to various objects such as forming stars and supernovae. A particularly interesting aspect is that all these fields are strongly synergistic, i.e. that advances in one can push the others as well. I will present examples of such synergies, through recent results we have obtained in all these domains, and in particular how ultra-bright neutron beams can be developed using latest generation multi-PW lasers [1,2]. These could open up interesting perspectives in terms of cargo inspection, but also for fusion plasma measurements. I will also show how fusion can benefit from external magnetization [3]. Finally I will discuss advances in laboratory astrophysics, particularly the first-stage acceleration of ions leading to cosmic rays [4,5], understanding the universal nature of collimated outflows in the Universe [6], and probing the intricacy of 3D magnetic reconnection [7].

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