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Investigation of pressure generated by underwater electrical explosion of a semiconductor bridge

TYPEPlasma Physics
Speaker:Eran Zvulun
Location:Lidow 620
Remark:MSc Seminar. Advisor: Yakov Krasik

Semiconductor Bridge (SCB) is a silicon device, used in explosive systems as the electrical initiator element. In recent years SCB plasma have been extensively studied, both electrically and optically, using fast photography and spectroscopic imaging, investigating the plasma parameters such as temperature and densities. However, the main question of the pressure buildup at the bridge remains unanswered. This study presents SCB devices operated in water. Using time-of-flight shadow imaging and interferometry, the velocity of the shock wave generated by electrical explosion of the SCB and distribution of the density of water between the shock wave front and the exploded SCB were obtained. These results, together with a self-similar water flow model were used to calculate the pressure generated by the exploding SCB.