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נושא מחקר:   פיזיקה של חומרים & החומר מעובה
משרד:קומפלקס לידוב חדר: 308 טלפון: 073-378-2803 
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Fields of research: Condensed Matter Physics,  Physics of Quantum Computing

My research centers on quantum phases in condensed matter systems, and in particular, on topological phases of matter. These are quantum phases of matter which cannot be classified using the notion of spontaneous symmetry breaking. Instead, studying them requires the use of tools borrowed from the mathematical field of topology. I deal with questions such as: what types of topological phases exist, how can they be realized in the lab, and what can they be good for?  In particular, I study how to use topological phases as platforms for performing quantum information and computation tasks. Concurrently, I’m pursuing methods to induce and detect new types of topological phases in externally driven systems, for example, by utilizing light-matter interactions. Such systems are out of thermodynamic equilibrium, yielding rich physics and unique topological phases of matter.