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סגל אקדמי
נושא מחקר:   פיזיקה אטומית ומולקולרית
משרד:מצב מוצק חדר: 302 טלפון: 04-829-3904 
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Field of research: Experimental many-body physics with quantum degenerate Fermi gases

We study experimentally quantum collective phenomena of fermions, such as superfluity, many-body localization, many-body pairing, and more. We use lasers to cool a gas of fermionic potassium atoms very close to absolute zero, where its behavior is dominated by quantum mechanics. We have a unique experimental capability to tune the interaction between the particles and also to taylor the potential landscape the atoms feel. These makes our system ideal to explorer and understand complex physical scenarios which are relevant to many fields in physics, including condensed matter, nuclear physics, and astrophysics. The problems we are recently interested in include pairing and superfluidity of fermions in two dimensions, many-body phases of fermions in disordered potential, and Josephson oscillations of strongly-interacting fermions.