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The Department of Physics at Technion seeks to educate the next generation of scientists and to equip them with skills to explore and to better understand the physical world. Our department is at the forefront of contemporary research in a wide range of fields in physics.
In addition, the Physics Department operates a number of centers for interdisciplinary research, that facilitate interactions with other departments at the Technion, and create an Institute-wide atmosphere of cooperation.

Professor Assa Auerbach,
Dean of Physics Department

Upcoming Events

Date:25-Sep-2017 Monday,11:00:00
Type: Student Seminar
Speaker: Yang Cao
Title: Characterization of plasma source for plasma wake-field research

Date:25-Sep-2017 Monday,10:30:00
Type: Special Seminar
Speaker: Milton W. Cole
Title: To wet or not to wet? That is the question!

Date:15-Oct-2017 Sunday,14:30:00
Type: Theor./Math. Physics Seminar
Speaker: Sebastian Huber
Title: TBA

Date:25-Oct-2017 Wednesday,14:30:00
Type: Astrophysics Seminar
Speaker: Irina Dvorkin
Title: TBD

Date:30-Oct-2017 Monday,14:30:00
Type: Colloquium
Speaker: Avishay Gal-Yam
Title: TBA

Date:01-Nov-2017 Wednesday,14:30:00
Type: Astrophysics Seminar
Speaker: Lev Tal-Or
Title: TBD

Date:05-Nov-2017 Sunday,14:30:00
Type: Statistical & Bio Seminar
Speaker: Yoav G. Pollack
Title: Emergent Many-body Interactions Suggest Inapplicability In Practice of Hard Sphere Theory

Date:07-Nov-2017 Tuesday,14:30:00
Type: Solid State Seminar
Speaker: Daren Peets
Title: TBA

Date:14-Nov-2017 Tuesday,14:30:00
Type: Solid State Seminar
Speaker: Frederik Nathan
Title: TBA

Date:20-Nov-2017 Monday,14:30:00
Type: Colloquium
Speaker: Roee Ozeri
Title: TBA