The Physics department @ Technion educates students at all academic levels, from undergraduate to post-doctoral.


Our main goal is to educate research scientists to have an open mind and wide horizons.


Interested in a higher degree in physics? This is the recommended route for you:

  1. Complete a three-year BSc track;
  2. Start MSc studies, no research in the first year.
  3. Find a supervisor from among our excellent faculty members.
  4. Start the second year of MSc studies. Within half a year decide if you want to transfer to the direct PhD track (recommended and supported).

Some students prefer the joint programs in their undergradute studies, where they can earn one of the popular engineering degrees, and at the same time a prestigious science degree. For more information regarding study tracks visit:

We encourage graduates of electrical, mechanical, material, computer, mathematics, chemical and biological engineering to study for a higher physics degree, as modern science is multi-disciplinary. All you have to do is to complete a few courses depending on in which department you studied for the BSc. A PhD or MSc graduate with this sort of experience will be snapped up by any organization.


To learn more about the research held in our department watch our research movie here.

For information regarding undergradate physics studeis @ Technion watch our undergradute movie here.