LITP - Institute for Theoretical Physics

The Institute for Theoretical Physics was founded in 1995 to foster theoretical physics research at the Technion. In 2005 Jacques and Colette Lewiner made a generous gift to the Institute and the naming ceremony took place in June 2006.

The mission of LITP is to promote excellence by creating an exciting international atmosphere achieved through sponsoring distinguished lecture series, workshops, meetings, and advanced schools. All these activities take place at Technion and expose the faculty and students to world renowned scientists including Nobel and Wolf laureates. This helps to bridge our distance from the big scientific centers in Europe and North America. The LITP also helps young Technion faculty to host promising young coresearchers and postdoctoral fellows. The LITP hosts international workshops, visiting scientists, and postdoctoral fellows.

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TCPP - Technion Center for Particle Physics

The Technion Center for Particle Physics aims to promote research in the field of particle physics, emphasizing the synergy of theoretical particle physics, experimental particle physics, and astroparticle physics, during this exciting and promising period.

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ASRI - Asher Space Research Institute

The mission of the Norman and Helen Asher Space Research Institute (ASRI) is to advance knowledge and education in space technology and space science, by conducting research and development of space systems.

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RBNI - Russell Berrie Nanotechnology Institute

Supported by the Russell Berrie Foundation, the Government of Israel through TELEM, and Technion, RBNI was inaugurated in 2005 and aims at positioning the Technion and the State of Israel at the forefront of global Nanotechnology research and development.

RBNI continues the historic role of Technion in shaping Israel's technological agenda, including visionary investments in aerospace research and development, microelectronics, optoelectronics, and materials science.





Solid State Institute

The Solid State Institute is an interdisciplinary research center designated to house and serve scientists from various faculties who are interested in the study of solids and solid interfaces. Pure and applied research projects, some of which may ultimately be of use to industry, are being carried out at the Institute in many individual and/or collaborative research efforts. The physical proximity fosters cooperation between scientists from different disciplines and different faculties that otherwise would not take place.

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Helen Diller Quantum Center

The Helen Diller Quantum Center is the Technion's center for Quantum Science and Technology.

The center builds on the Technion's leadership in science and engineering, and a tradition of excellence in Quantum Science going back to Nathan Rosen, known for his work with Albert Einstein on entangled wave motions and the EPR paradox, and Asher Peres, a pioneer of Quantum Teleportation.

The Center supports research, upgrades of laboratories and infrastructure centers, the recruitment of new faculty members, sponsorship of graduates and post-doc fellowships, the Peres-Rosen distinguished lecture series, and other seminars, workshops and schools. The center also promotes education including teaching laboratories in Quantum science and technology.

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