picture about usThe Physics Department at the Technion qualifies students at all academic levels, starting with undergraduate studies up to post-doctorate. Our goal is to educate students for broad-minded and creative scientific thinking.


The Physics Department was established in 1951 under the Faculty of Sciences, which operated in “Hadar” neighborhood in Haifa.


In 1975, the Solid State Institution was established.


In 1992, the Institute of Theoretical Physics was established.


In 2004, the new faculty building, the Lidow Complex, was inaugurated


In 1956, 7 students graduated from the first class for a master's degree in physics and the first doctorate in physics was awarded in 1956 to Aharon Hirsch.



Over the years, wings were added for laboratories and offices and large lecture halls for teaching physics to all students at the Technion. The faculty constantly invests resources in the development and advancement of teaching methods that combine innovative technological tools as well as pedagogical initiatives.

The faculty granted over 3000 bachelor degrees, which also include combined and dual degrees with other faculties.