Faculty members are invited to find a free time in a room for a meeting/lecture. 

The room capacity is also displayed near the room name.

In order to reserve the room and time, please contact  Eti, Tel: 5585, E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Room name
Room no.
number of seats
type of board
ProjectorcomputerSlide Projector
Auditorium 001 001  198 White - 10m  V  V V
Auditorium 300 300  40 White  V V  
Seminars Room 620 620  50 White  V  V  
Asher Peres 502  70 White - 7m  V  V  
Rosen Auditorium 323 188 2 sliding White  V  V  V
Labs Seminar room 318 318   White    V  
Seminar Room 315 315   White    V  
Seminar Room 431 431   White      
Lewiner Seminar Room - Theoretical Physics טאוב-401 35 White  V  V  
Meeting Room 377  20 White  V    
Meeting Room 605  15 White  V    
Meeting Room 705  15 White  V    
Meeting Room 333  30  White V    

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