Our PhD student Shurik Yatom will receive prestigious Igor Alexeff Outstanding Student Award of the Plasma Science and Application Committee (PSAC) of the IEEE. The prize includes a $1000.00 check and a certificate of Award. The latter will be presented at the next conference, ICOPS/BEAMS 2014, to be held in Washington, DC on 25-29 May 2014.

The subject of Shurik Yatom research is experimental and numerical investigation of nano-second timescale electrical discharge in pressurized gases including such intriguing phenomenon as generation of run-away electrons. Plasma produced in such a discharge is widely used for pulsed laser pumping, effective release of energy from microwave compressors, and switching of low-inductance gas spark gaps and has potential applications in biomedical treatments, fast combustion of gas mixtures and aerodynamics. Using non-disturbing time- and space-resolved visible spectroscopy, x-ray diagnostics and coherent anti-Stocks Raman scattering, Shurik determined the main plasma parameters such as electron density and temperature evolution and electric field distribution together with energy spectrum of run-away electrons.

Please join me in congratulating Shurik Yatom.