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Exact solution for low energy quantum anharmonic vibrations in a long

TYPECondensed Matter & Materials Physics
Speaker:Prof. Alexander Burin
Affiliation:Tulane University, USA Arriving
Organizer:Prof. Boris Shapiro
Location:Lewiner Seminar Room (412)
Abstract: We propose the algorithm for determining vibrational quantum eigenstates

of periodic linear chain of atoms coupled by harmonic and third order

anharmonic interactions (Fermi-Ulam-Pasta alpha problem) in the long

wavelength limit within the resonant approach.   Eigenstates   can be

encoded by sequences of integer numbers determining their energies and

wavefunctions. Using these eigenstates we described the exact time

evolution of a single phonon state showing coherent oscillations. The

applications of theory to vibrational energy transport and quantum

informatics are discussed.