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Hybrid quantum systems with trapped charged particles: what is and what should never be Kotler Shlomi, Didi Leibfried, Ray Simmonds and Dave Winelan

TYPEAtomic Physics & Related Matter Seminar
Speaker:Dr. Shlomi Kotler
Affiliation:University of Colorado and NIST, Boulder Colorado
Location:Lidow Nathan Rosen (300)
Abstract: We’ll review a joint effort by the ion-storage group and the advanced microwave photonics group at NIST of designing a hybrid system which interfaces charged particles with macroscopic high Q resonators. Those will include superconducting LC resonators and mechanical modes in piezo-electric materials. We aim to achieve the strong coupling regime where a single quanta of motion of the trapped charge can be coherently exchanged with the macroscopic entity. Such a device might have both the advantages of macroscopic control techniques while at the same time retaining the long quantum coherence of its trapped particles.