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Revivals of photonic wavepackets induced by Curved Space

TYPESolid State Institute Seminar
Speaker:Mr. Moshe-Ishay Cohen
Affiliation:Department of Physics and Solid State Institute, Technion
Time:12:30 - 13:30
Location:Lidow Asher Peres (502)
Remark:M.Sc. Student of Distinguished Professor Mordechai Segev
Abstract:We present the first study on the interplay between wave dynamics in lattices and the
curvature of space, introducing General Relativity concepts to the rich physics of waves in
periodic potentials. Our study describes these systems using the language of artificial gauge
fields. We study phenomena associated with revivals of wavepackets induced by the
curvature of space, and derive an analytical close-form condition for the revival of any
wavepacket, regardless of its initial waveform. Our curved space system has unique features,
which are fundamentally different from known revival phenomena in flat space.