Moti Segev

Segev, Moti   Faculty
Topic:   Non-linear Optics
Office:Solid State Room:312 Phone:04-829-3926 
Research Interests & Publications:  

fields os research:

Photonics / Nonlinear Optics / Photonic Quantum Simulations / Photonic Topological Insulators / Anderson Localization of Light/ Subwavelength Imaging and Super-Resolution / Complex Nonlinear Optofluidics / Photonics in Curved Space / Accelerating Wavepackets / Shaping of Photonic and Electronic Wavefronts

My group is is involved in research in a variety of areas, ranging from fundamental concepts such as Photonic Topological Insulators and Anderson Localization of Light to projects with direct impact on applications, such as Subwavelength Imaging and Super-Resolution in space, time, frequency and in quantum systems. Over the years my group has opened several fields of research, and many times we changed directions when a profound new idea came up. If I am to characterize the research in my group in a single sentence, I would say "think beyond the horizon". We are always after original ideas.