2021 BSc

Congratulations to our 35 graduates who received the "Bachelor of Science in Physics BSc“ degree during ceremony that took place on 1.7.21. Prof. Assa Auerbach greeted the students and discussed what a physicist is. “The scientific dogma is that a theory is defined by something that can be refuted by experiment, hence a physicist is skeptical by nature - his first reaction is to challenge what he’s been told, and this is of immense importance to the scientific development of humanity. The second thing a physicist learns is to ask good and exploratory questions leading to new fields of research. The most important takeaway message of the physics degree is to search for what is interesting, and not for what is perceived as useful“. “A physicist has outside the box, groundbreaking thinking, but most of all he is humble, for he knows that nature is wiser than him“. Prof. Vincent Desjacques, Vice Dean and Undergraduate Advisor, gave a short and intersting lecture in cosmology and greeted the students.


Student representative Julia Salh spoke on behalf of the alumni and thanked the faculty staff, the families and her fellow classmates. "Keep succeeding, dreaming, questioning and being curious. As Einstein said, 'The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious. It is the source of all true art and science'".


Congratulations to the alumni! We hope to see you during your master's degree!


Watch the online ceremony here (Heb) here.

Photo gallery here.