The Physics Department Services and Resources

The Physics department at the Technion provides services for the physics students and researchers, students of other departments- while studying physics, researchers of other departments - with few unique services (library, Liquid Helium and Nitrogen, X-ray spectroscopy, Mechanical workshop).

This tab includes a short description of the services, how to get it, cost (if any).

Please feel free to send us improvement suggestions, or criticism of non-proper service. You can use the contact us form for this purpose.

On the left side of this page you have links to administrative forms you may have to use. Unfortunately, the Technion use only Hebrew version. Non-Hebrew readers, please contact the secretariat for assistance.


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Technion Forms:

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Non Resident Declaration  הצהרת מס לאזרח ישראלי השוהה בחו"ל    doc  pdf
Participation in seminar  השתתפות בהשתלמות פנימית/חיצונית    doc  pdf
Refund for travelling and living expenses  החזר הוצאות נסיעה ואש"ל  iexplorer1    pdf
Request for professional travel  נסיעת השתלמות בחו"ל /בארץ - סגל אקדמי  iexplorer1  doc  pdf
Request for professional travel - Doctoral Students נסיעת השתלמות בחו"ל /בארץ - דוקטורנטים     pdf
Changing date of studies  שינוי מועד נסיעת השתלמות      pdf
Hosting expenses  הוצאות ארוח   doc   pdf
Request for Sabbatical leave  שבתון או פטור מהוראה  iexplorer1  doc  pdf
Outside employment form תעסוקה מחוץ לטכניון   iexplorer1  doc  pdf
Payment for externallecturer  טופס נלווה לתשלום למרצה אורח/ נתינת שרות  iexplorer1    pdf
Request for temporary workers/students  העסקת עובדים ארעיים/סטודנטים   doc  pdf
Application For Exchange Students At The Technion בקשה לחילופי סטודנטים בטכניון   doc pdf
   מלגת התנסות במחקר עבור סטודנט אורח    doc  pdf
  טופס תשלום עבור בוחן חוץ iexplorer1   pdf 

Mosad Forms:

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Non-Petty cash refund  החזר הוצאות - לא דרך קופה קטנה    doc  pdf
Request for approval of traveling abroad on duty (Hebrew)  בקשת נסיעה לחו"ל בתפקיד (בעברית)  iexplorer1  doc  pdf
Request for approval of traveling abroad on duty (English) בקשת נסיעה לחו"ל בתפקיד (באנגלית)      pdf
Request for early payment of Registration fee (Hebrew) בקשה לתשלום מוקדם של דמי הרשמה לכנס (בעברית)   doc pdf
Accommodation expenses  הוצאות ארוח   doc  pdf
Request for early registration fee  תשלום מוקדם של דמי הרשמה לכנס      pdf
Conference expenses refund form טופס החזר הוצאות כנס   doc pdf
Extension of study  השתתפות בהוצאות השתלמות (נוהל 005-02)  iexplorer1    pdf
Use of International Scientific Relations' financial funds בקשה לניצול כספי קרן קשרי מדע בינלאומיים  iexplorer1    pdf
Refund for urban travelling expenses  הוצאות נסיעה עירוניות ובינעירוניות   doc   pdf
Refund for travelling and living expenses  דו"ח הוצאות נסיעה ואש"ל  iexplorer1    pdf
Payment for counseling services  תשלום עבור יעוץ/הסכם העסקה      pdf
Requestforrefundsmoney  בקשה לשימוש בכספי החזרים  iexplorer1  doc  pdf
Payment for one-time job  תשלום עבור עבודה חד פעמית  iexplorer1  doc  pdf
Appointment of faculty research member  מנוי בדרוג סגל מחקר  iexplorer1    pdf
Immigrant and returning resident scientists request  מינוי/ העלאה בדרגה צוות מחקר קמ"ע  iexplorer1    pdf
Extension request for the appointment Research Team  מינוי / הארכת מינוי בדרוג צוות מחקר  iexplorer1    pdf
StudentEmploymentReport/Temporary employee(withoutappointment)  דו"ח תעסוקה לסטודנט / עובד ארעי (ללא מינוי)  iexplorer1    pdf
Personal employees questionnaire  שאלון אישי לעובד  iexplorer1    pdf
Request for temporary workers  בקשה להעסקת עובד ארעי  iexplorer1 doc   pdf
Request for StudentEmployment  בקשה להעסקת סטודנט  iexplorer1  doc  pdf
Volunteer insurance  בקשה לביטוח מתנדב    doc  pdf
ScholarsStudentDeclaration  הצהרה לסטודנט/ית מלגאי/ת  iexplorer1  doc  pdf

General Forms:

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Warehouse Form  טופס הזמנה ממחסן כללי/כימי  doc  pdf
Petty cash refunds  החזרים מקופה קטנה  doc pdf
Classification of goods overseas orders  טופס סיווג טובין בהזמנות חו"ל  doc  pdf
Completion ofteaching duties  השלמת חובות הוראה בזמן תקופת מילואים  doc  pdf
Entry permit  אישור כניסה חד פעמי לטכניון    pdf
Authorized absence- Scholarship Recipients אישור העדרות מלגאים doc pdf

External Links for Forms:

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 מה יש באתר

Human Resources Department  אגף משאבי אנוש  iexplorer1   מבחר טפסים לסגל אקדמי ומנהלי
Finance Department  אגף כספים  iexplorer1   
Office of the Executive Vice President for Research  לשכת המשנה לנשיא למחקר - מנל"מ  iexplorer1   טופסי מוסד
The Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs  לשכת הסגל האקדמי  iexplorer1   מידע לסגל אקדמי
The Technion Research & Development Foundation Ltd.  מוסד הטכניון למחקר ופיתוח  iexplorer1   

Materials Characterization

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X-Ray diffraction (XRD)

X-ray diffraction (XRD) is a non-destructive important tool used to identify phases by comparison with data from known structures, quantify changes in the cell parameters, orientation, crystallite size and other structural parameters of single crystalline or polycrystalline material. Most research labs and technology companies lack the scientific infrastructure and know-how to personally perform X-ray measurements. Our center personnel experienced with extensive number of materials, is at your service to help you solve your problem which is performed quickly and smoothly (usually on the same day).

This is the technique used for investigating solid samples. It’s mainly used with samples in form of single crystals and powders. Powder sample preparation can be accomplished with our crushing equipment. Typical use is execution of qualitative analysis: phase identification in polycrystalline samples, identification of minerals in geological samples, in industrial ceramics, refractories, cements, mortars. The technique is suitable for the quantification of non-crystalline component (amorphous) as well.

Texture analysis: the reconstruction of the distribution of orientation of the crystallites in polycrystalline samples allows for the reconstruction of the sample microstructure. Specific orientation of crystallites develops as a result of industrial production processes (as for many metallic parts) or by action of external or internal agents.

These measurements are vital not only for scientists working with bulk, but with nano-materials as well.

The X-ray laboratory in the department of physics is equipped with a Bruker (D8 advance eco) diffractometer (Cu radiation) use Bragg-Brentano geometry for unparalleled powder diffraction. The D8 ADVANCE Eco is the full-sized goniometer class powder XRD under ambient conditions. Like no other system the D8 ADVANCE Eco pairs excellent analytical performance for phase identification of the samples, single phase or multiphase, organic or inorganic, is performed by matching the sample's X-ray diffraction spectrum against International Center for Diffraction Data (ICDD) of diffraction patterns.


The lab supports the basic and applicative work of departmental scientists, and other Israeli researchers. At the same time, it maintains intensive collaboration with industrial partners who are satisfied by the lab’s ability to perform the XRD measurements needed to characterize materials.

Price List:

A customer within the Technion will pay NIS 200 per work hour.

Out of Technion customer will pay NIS 300 per work hour. plus 19% overhead plus VAT.

Contact us:

Dr. Koushik Majhi


tel: 04-829-3686

All financial questions should be addressed to Israel Ben Efraim (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.), Administration– Finance & Logistic


Building maintenance

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Building Supervisor

Avi Rafaeli

Lidow  Complex, Room 374

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Avi gives a solution for every maintenance problem in the building and infrastructure.

Reporting maintenance issues: 

By email to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 
Verbal: Misha Goldberg - at the shelter room in the corridor from New wing to the old wing. 

                                           Morning: 09:30am to 10:15am
                                           Afternoon:  03:00pm to 03:30pm


Doors opening hours:

All doors in the Physics Department open between the hours of:

Sunday through Thursday, 7:00 - 19:00.

The doors are closed on Fridays, Saturdays and days in which the Technion is closed due to vacation or holidays.

Entry during time when the doors are closed is made by using employees and faculty members' magnetic card, if there is a problem with the card, please contact Avi.

Photocopy and photocopy-cards:

Faculty's photocopy machines are operated by magnetic cards provided by Avi to employees and master students and above. In the Faculty there are three copiers:

3rd floor: near room 374 (Avir's office)

4th floor: near the Dean's Office

In Building LITP, room 412 on the fourth floor

Bachelor Degree students - there are two copiers that work with Student card, one outside the library and the other on the third floor near Rosen Auditorium.

Machine Workshop

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We provide manufacturing and technical support for Projects across all the Physics sub-departments, other departments within the Technion, and external collaborators. Such as: hitech producers, product developers, prototype developers.

about us

The physics department machine shop provides processing and mechanical design projects to teaching labs, teaching projects, faculty research labs, and also to members of other research units in the Technion

The machine shop specializes in special projects that demand the ability to manufacture a distinct prototype each time. We apply different materials according to the project's requirements, taking into account the projects requirements, constraints and limitations, such as: the geometry, the strength needed, magnetic factors, thermal and electrical conduction, level of purity, and so on.

The metal workshop gives a price quote to their customer if they provide a clear and explicit definition of the project. In all cases, the work will be charged by the hour.


Prices are:

60 NIS for physics faculty members

120 NIS for other faculties and units in the Technion.

200 NIS plus 19% overhead for customers outside the Technion

Workshop staff :

David Cohen
Alexander Anashkin
Shalom Avikzar

Tel: 972-4-829-3970 email:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



on .


Riva Kraizelman

Yan Katz

Joseph Direktovitch

Riva Kraizelman
Office: Lidow 454
Tel.: 829-3619
Yan Katz
Office: Lidow 322
Tel.: 829-3555
Joseph Direktovitch
Office: Lidow 501
Tel.: 829-3673
• Unix System Admin
• Web Development
• Software Installation
  and usage support
• Computing Purchase
• Personal Computing
  Maintenance and Installation
• Computer interface for research
  and education labs.
• Computer farms support.

Printers & Scanner

Public Printers

There are a network printers in public rooms, however one can not print directly to the printer. Please contact computer staff for connection.

Available printer:

Type of printer
Driver for Windows
Lidow 4th floor
HP LaserJet 2300DN
Lidow 6th floor
HP LaserJet 2300DN
RICOH Aficio SP C420DN
Opposite to room 230  HP LaserJet 3015dn

Public Scanner

A public scanner is available in the faculty secretariat.


Wireless Communication

Faculty wireless points are located in

  • Lobby
  • Library
  • Audtorium 001
  • 6th Floor
  • LITP building

Available Wireless Networks:

  • Techpublic - For everybody. does not require registration. Does not support campus resources.
  • TechSec - For registered users only. wirelss registration procedure

Wired Communication

Each room has one or more sockets. To connect a socket to the communication, send e-mail to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

  • Desktops - get pemanent ip number by sending e-mail to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • Laptops - get dynamic ip number wired registration procedure

Wireless registration procedure

  • Technion Staff and Graduate Students should get an account from faculty computer team, then configure the computer and in firt connection provide the user and password for the network.
  • Students can use their username in computer staff(t2) and their password, after configuring the computer.

Wired registration procedure

Faculty members and visitors that want to have wired connection for their laptop, should provide their Name, Host (if they have one) and wired Mac address to : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

How to get your Mac Address:

  • Windows:  start --> run cmd ipconfig /all
    search for the area "Ethernet adapter Local Area Connection" and get the content of field : physical address .   
  • Macintosh In the Apple : About This Mac More details In the network area : Ethernet connection   
  • Linux : type /sbin/ifconfig and next to : HWaddr is the value needed




Windows protecting software:

Free version and Pro version
Free version and Pro version
Cyber-Dome Anti-malware&spyware defence Shareware


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