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The Physics Department at the Technion attracts highly qualified graduate students from around the world.  The department offers Master of Science and Doctor of Philosophy degrees. We place a strong emphasis on exposing students to cutting-edge research.  Students interact closely with faculty and can choose the field in which they wish to work from a  broad range, including astrophysics, biophysics, condensed matter physics, high energy physics, optical physics, plasma physics, and string theory.

The Technion is Israel's leading science and engineering university.  It is located in Haifa, the largest city in the north of Israel.

Further information on the Technion and the application process can be found at the graduate school's main page.

Questions about the Technion Physics department should be sent to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Applications are to be submitted directly to the Technion graduate school. Below are the application requirements specific to the Physics department.

Deadlines for Registration:

MSc applicants: April 1

PhD applicants can register throughout the year.

Application Requirements:

Application Requirements for Doctoral Degree (PhD)

Holders of an MSc/MA degree (research track) from an accredited university with a minimal score of 90 on research work and a minimum 90% GPA will be considered for admission. The GRE (general and Physics tests) is required of all applicants (Technion's code: 0343). Prior to his or her registration, the applicant must find an advisor. Applicants are required to submit three recommendation letters. 
Study requirements during the PhD: Course work, candidacy exam, research, giving a lecture seminar, and writing and defense of a dissertation.

Application Requirements for Masters Degree (MSc)

Holders of an undergraduate degree from an accredited university with a grade average (GPA) of at least 85% will be considered for admission. The GRE (general and Physics test) is required of all applicants (Technion's code: 0343).   Applicants are required to submit two letters of recommendtion.
Study Requirements during the MSc: Course work, research, and writing and defense of a Master's dissertation (except for direct doctoral track, see below).

Direct Doctoral Track

MSc students with proven high achievements in coursework as well as in research may ask to transfer to the doctoral track, with the recommendation of the advisor and the department's graduate committee.

Language Requirements for International Students:


New Immigrants ("Olim") are required to pass a Hebrew test prior to their admission. A second Hebrew test, at a higher level, is required after admission during the course of study. The tests are given three times a year; In June and September (before the fall semester), and in January (before the spring semester). A sample can be found at the Humanities Department's website. For more details please contact the department at: 972-(0)4-8293507.


Graduate courses are conducted in English. Therefore, knowledge of English is a prerequisite for admission to the Graduate School. A graduate of a high school or of an accredited academic institute in which the language of instruction is English, as well as an applicant whose grade in the verbal part of the GRE exam or the GMAT exam is in the 75th percentile or higher, will be exempt from the English advanced examination.
Ph.D. students are required to take an "Academic English writing" course.

Courses at the department that are listed as joint undergraduate-graduate courses (116 or 117) are taught in Hebrew, whereas graduate-only courses (118) are taught in English.


Scholarships are available for MSc and PhD students with a strong academic record. Scholarships at the Technion are given in portions (1-6), with different amounts given to MSc and to PhD students. In 2011, scholarships ranged from $220-$300 per portion. Scholarships carry either a full or a partial tuition waiver and are awarded for a period of 24 months for MSc students and 42-48 months (depending on the field) for PhD students. Special Scholarships for International Students are available from the Lady Davis Fund, which donates a one-year scholarship and airfare to Israel.

The Student Authority helps students who wish to make Aliya to Israel (contact a representative of the relevant agency in your home country).


On Campus:

Dormitories for singles, married couples without children, and families are given on the basis of availability. Eligibility is conditioned on academic achievements.

Off Campus:

Rental apartments are available in neighborhoods surrounding the campus for about $400-$500 for a two-bedroom apartment.