Machine Workshop Stuff

We provide manufacturing and technical support for Projects across all the Physics sub-departments, other departments within the Technion, and external collaborators. Such as: hitech producers, product developers, prototype developers.


about us

The physics department machine shop provides processing and mechanical design projects to teaching labs, teaching projects, faculty research labs, and also to members of other research units in the Technion

The machine shop specializes in special projects that demand the ability to manufacture a distinct prototype each time. We apply different materials according to the project's requirements, taking into account the projects requirements, constraints and limitations, such as: the geometry, the strength needed, magnetic factors, thermal and electrical conduction, level of purity, and so on.

The metal workshop gives a price quote to their customer if they provide a clear and explicit definition of the project. In all cases, the work will be charged by the hour.



Prices are:

60 NIS for physics faculty members

120 NIS for other faculties and units in the Technion.

200 NIS plus 19% overhead for customers outside the Technion


Workshop staff

David Cohen
Alexander Anashkin
Shalom Avikzar

Tel: 972-4-829-3970 email:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.