Public Computer Farms

Every student, from any physics study track can use the department public computers on Floor 1 (computer lab), in room 208 and in the library. 
In order to use them, you must open an account via Computer Farm Site:
In order to gain access to the computer farm and room 208 during the night, you need your student card to be encoded, by Avi Refaeli

LocationEquipmentGet Account
Computer lab
Scanner, 2 Printers , wireless communication
Room 208
Scanner, Printer , wireless communication
2 Printers, wireless communication


E-mail Account

Every undergraduate student receives a letter from the Undergraduate School that contains instructions for opening an Technion's account in computer and getting a secret code.


Connecting a laptop to the network using WiFI

Location: Library, Lobby, outside halls 323 and 001.

Connect to the wireless network named "TechSec" using your username and password of your Technion's account,in the following way:  username

You also need to configure your laptop accordingly.