BSc ceremony 22

Congratulations to our 31 graduates who received the "Bachelor of Science in Physics BSc“ degree

during an exciting ceremony that took place on 30.06.2022. After awarding the certificate with honors (cum laude) at the Technion ceremony to Roi Klein, the graduates gathered in the physics department. Former physics dean Ehud Behar briefly explained how everything said about a Technion graduate is exponentially true when it comes to a physics graduate. Are the studies challenging? To say the least. Do you get a sense of humility when you can not solve problems? In physics, indeed. Nonetheless, do you finish your studies with a sense of satisfaction and supreme success? Even more so in physics. The academic world and industry value Technion graduates for their education, and not necessarily for any specific training? This is especially true for physicists.

Ehud did not invent or imagine his claims. He heard the above from many students over the years. In terms of fun, Ehud also stated that the Technion students declared in polls that physics is the most interesting and enjoyable subject of all their studies at the Technion, and as proof, Noam Soker took the stage and presented parents and alumni a variety of wondrous physics demonstrations.

Finally, each graduate stepped up to the podium and received his/her diploma. Ehud insisted that they each tell us about their plans in the future (you would be surprised), and thank their families in attendance for their support during the demanding student period. The students were happy to share and be emotional about their days in class.

Student representative Roy Malamud spoke on behalf of the alumni and thanked the faculty staff, the families and fellow classmates. "Each and every one of us had questions that made us study this huge subject called 'physics’. In the end we overcame all the difficulties we encountered along the way and learned to see the world through a new perspective. Gathering here today one can hear how our fields of interest and research diverge, even though we have all gone through the same path. No doubt the friends we have gained here will stay with us professionally as colleagues, or as friends for life until the Nobel. Good luck to all of us with conquering the next peaks, and hopefully every day will advance us to uncover the answers to the questions which drove us the to study physics in the first place. "


Congratulations to our alumni!


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