Rosen Colloquium

The faculty held a (hybrid) colloquium in memory of Distinguished Professor Emeritus Nathan Rosen, marking 25 years since his passing. Rosen was the first head of the Physics Department at the Technion in 1952.


Nathan Rosen: His life and science--The story of entanglement
Speaker: Yosi Avron.


Review of the remarkable biography of Nathan Rosen, the founder of the physics department at the Technion.   Rosen co authored with Einstein two works that had lasting impact on physics:  The  EPR  paper which gave birth to entanglement and the Einstein-Rosen Bridge which beget  "wormhole" in GR and SF.  Entanglement began as a conceptual tool used to define a notion of reality which in the intervening 86 years, developed into a key resource of quantum information and quantum technology.


To watch the colloquium, press here.

You are invited to continue reading about him on the faculty website in the article written in his memory, on his memorial page in the history of the physics department.