Alumni Dr. Yonadav Barry Ginat won the IAU PhD Prize 2023

Congratulations to our alumnus Dr. Yonadav Barry Ginat, who conducted his Ph.D. research in our department under the supervision of Prof. Hagai Perets and Prof.Vincent Desjacques, for winning the International Astronomical Union (IAU) PhD Prize 2023 for his research on “Gravitational Waves and Non-Linear Phenomena in Gravitational Astrophysics”. The IAU PhD Prize aims to Recognize Excellence in Astrophysics and outstanding scientific achievement of PhD students around the world.


The IAU Committee “found this thesis on gravity and gravitational waves particularly deep and broad. By finding new gravitational-wave signatures in the in-spirals of compact objects, a universal power-law tail in the distribution of gravitational-wave background fluctuations, and a statistical solution to the 3-body problem that removes the need for extensive simulations in dynamical studies, this work will have a broad impact on galaxy census studies and multi-body orbital dynamics.”


Barry is currently a Leverhulme-Peierls fellow at the Rudolf-Peierls Centre for Theoretical Physics at the University of Oxford. He focuses on gravity both on large scales, in cosmology, and on smaller scales, involving the motion of individual stars under the influence of gravitational interactions, as well as gravitational waves.


Well done, Barry!


Visit Barry's website here.