Five outstanding high school students from around the country represented Israel in the International Physics Olympiad held online during Hanukkah with participants from 45 countries around the world and reached impressive achievements.


The team was guided and accompanied by Chen Mechel, a graduate student in our department, who also competed in the 2016 Olympiad. "It's always fun to guide and work with these groups”, shared Chen. “Over the past two years I have had the opportunity to write and lecture on physics that corresponds with advanced courses and even on my own research field, and it was quite successful – one can see the students’ appetite for research and academia and their ability to quickly understand complex ideas. Every session of questions with them helps you understand that there are topics in elementary physics that no matter how much you deal with them, there is always place to delve deeper and learn something new."


Congratulations to the participants, we are looking forward to meeting you in our faculty corridors!