Salh Parasol SpaceIL

Congratulations to Julia Salh, PhD student under the supervision of Ehud Behar, for being selected to take part in the program for empowering women in the field of space by the Parasol Foundation and SpaceIL, and to receive a scholarship to advance her research on the detection of gamma ray bursts as part of the GALI experiment.

The Parasol Foundation Women in SpaceIL program is a joint program of the Parasol Foundation and SpaceIL that aims to create a legacy for women in the field of space and to encourage the next generation of women to choose a career in space programs in Israel, as well as to inspire more women to integrate into careers in the field of scientific professions. This year, out of dozens of women at the beginning of their journey in the field of space, 5 were chosen to participate in the project, Julia among them.

"When I started my journey in space exploration I knew this was the field I wanted to research and study. Participating in the Parasol program is a wonderful opportunity that allows me to invest my all in GALI. I'm excited to take the next steps on this project", shared Julia.


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