The physics department held its first online ceremony where 23 graduates received their master's degree.

The dean of the faculty, Prof. Ehud Behar, greeted the students and told the excited parents, "There is a phase transition between the undergraduate degree, in which students mainly study courses, and research students who actually carry out the research themselves. A wise man once said: “during the bachelor's degree we are in awe of how much we don’t know, during graduate studies we are in awe of how much knowledge we seek.” Our research students carry out the bulk of the research in the faculty ... they are the ones who bring the new spirit and new ideas". "Physics is many senses is the most important department at the Technion, with our graduates conducting research everywhere, from biology to computer science. Our graduates are leaders in academia and in the high-tech industry and in business. We are proud of each and everyone of you”.


Prof. Eric Akkermans, Associate Dean for Graduate Studies, added, "The master's degree is very significant and gives a taste of research and an opportunity to pursue a third degree or turn to other channels”.
“Over the years we have been able to build a group of graduate students who work hard on produce high-level results and research, and in a very pleasant atmosphere, and for that we thank you... On behalf of all the advisors, thank you for the wonderful research you have done for two years or more. Thank you very much and good luck. “


Roni Gofman, the alumni representative, closed the special event and said “The path of each graduate was different and this is what sets us apart, but there are common experiences for all of us that make the master's degree in our depratment unique – the advice and guidance of the faculty members, scientific conversations in the hbar cafeteria, and many more ". "Thank you to the faculty members who guided us in our first steps in the world of research, who explained and taught us with endless patience. Thank you to the department that gave us the privilege to come every morning to do the thing we love most in the world with peace of mind. Thank you to my friends who graduate with me today for being curios, for asking questions, and for giving an additional point of view. "


Congratulations and good luck to our graduates!


To view the full online ceremony: