Ofer Neufeld

We are proud to announce that our graduate Ofer Neufeld, who recently received his Ph.D., was chosen as a 2021 Schmidt Science Fellow. The goal of the Schmidt Science postdoctoral fellowships is “developing the next generation of science leaders to transcend disciplines, advance discovery, and solve the world’s most pressing problems.” Fellows receive a personal stipend of $100,000 per year and undergo a combination of workshops at some of the world’s leading universities and individualized mentoring, and by that are provided with tools necessary “to make a lasting impact on society” (quotes taken from the Schmidt Science Fellows website). Ofer is the second Israeli student to win this ultra-competitive fellowship.

Ofer’s Ph.D. thesis, titled “Symmetry and Chirality in High Harmonic Generation and Ultrafast Spectroscopy“ was conducted under the supervision of Prof. Oren Cohen, during which he won the Adams fellowship, 2020 Technion Jacobs prize for excellent publication and the Israeli Physical Society prize for PhD students. He recently began a post-doc in Max Planck institute in Hamburg with Angel Rubio, a world-leader in “theory and modeling of electronic and structural properties in condensed matter and on developing novel theoretical tools to investigate the electronic response of solids, nanostructures, biomolecules and hybrid materials to external electromagnetic fields”.


Congratulations Ofer, and good luck in your post-doc!