On March 18th we held our annual Physics Research Day in a hybrid manner, both in person and via zoom.

The meeting began with brief research lectures by faculty members, followed by an online poster session where our graduate students presented their work to their fellow students and to a committee of professors who chose the outstanding students:


1. Noa Zilberman (advisor: Amos Ori) - Quantum effects inside black holes
2. Yonit Maroudas- Sacks (advisor: Kinneret Keren) - The magnetic structure of a potentially 2D magnet explored by neutrons and muons
3. Chaja Baruch (advisor: Yotam Soreq) - New Axial Vectors at the QCD Scale


For the list of lecturers and posters visit the Research Day page on our website:

Recording of the event:



Congratulations to the winners!



Save the date: Technion-Physics Research Week will take place August 01-05.2021. Stay tuned!