research day 2022

On February 24th we held our annual Physics Research Day in a hybrid manner, both in person and via zoom.

The meeting began with brief research lectures by faculty members, followed by a poster session during which our graduate students presented their work to their fellow students and to a committee of professors who chose the outstanding students who will represent us in the Technion Research Say Poster Competition:
1. Omer Granek (advisor: Yariv Kafri) - The Anomalous Transport of Tracers in Active Baths 2. Elad Zohar (advisor: Yoav Sagi) - Towards Quantum Computation with Neutral Fermions 3. Noa Keshet (advisor: Ehud Behar) - Ionization Distributions in Outflows of Active Galaxies: Universal Trends and Prospect of Future XRISM Observations)

The Research Day closed on a high note with a Technion-Physics Alumni Panel. 4 alumni shared the stage along with host Roni Gofman, Ph.D. student of Amit Kanigel: Dikla Caspi Ph.D., Eithan Livne, Prof. Netanel Lindner and Yuval Lamhot Ph.D.
The panel shared their academic path, personal experience in the department and in the industry and tips for prospective and current research students.

For the list of lecturers and posters visit the Research Day page on our website:

#SaveTheDate: the Technion-Physics Research Week for outstanding undergraduate physics students will take place 04-08/09/22.