IPS Prizes

The 69th Annual Israel Physics Society (IPS) Meeting took place in Tel Aviv in April.

Mor Rozner, graduate student of Prof. Hagai Perets, has been awarded the Yoel Racah Prize by the Israeli Physical society.
This prize recognizes Mor’s remarkable work on the dynamics of planetary and stellar systems, as well as galactic and larger scales.

This recognition comes as a testament to Mor's groundbreaking work in astrophysics, particularly her contributions to understanding the dynamics of stellar clusters and black holes in
galactic environments. Her research, which combines theoretical insights with advanced numerical simulations, has significantly advanced our knowledge of the
processes that shape the universe. As she continues her academic career, Mor is set to join the Institute for Advanced Study and Gonville; Caius College in Cambridge.

During the meeting a poster competition took place during which 2 of our students took the 3rd prize –
Dmitry Shishkin, PhD student of Prof. Noam Soker, who presented his research in Astrophysics.
Ofir Eizenberg, MSc student of Dr. Ben Ohayon, who presented his research in Exotic atoms and nuclei.

Congratulations Mor, Dmitry and Ofir!